Barkwood Forest

A private, fenced dog park exclusively for social dogs

Barkwood forest was created by Boogity Dog Walking because we wanted a space where all the dogs we ran into are friendly and social dogs. We wanted our dogs to have a space where, no matter who they meet, we could feel relaxed and confident in the knowledge that the other dogs is a friend and not aggressive or temperamental.

In 2019 we are bringing that experience to dog owners across Ottawa. We will be opening up our park, located on Fernbank Road in Stittsville, a 20 minute drive from Kanata and Barrhaven, to allow Barkwood members to walk their social and friendly dogs themselves on our gorgeous 100 acres of dog park paradise.

Barkwood is open to members from dawn until 9:30am and from 3:30pm until dusk on weekdays and at all daylight times on weekends.

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We are planning to offer our first 30 spots in April of 2019 so if you are interested in hearing about our first Open House please add your email to our Barkwood Mailing List by entering your email below.

How it Works

To become a Barkwood Member you must first attend one of our free Open House walks. This will give you the opportunity to see our park, our trails and learn about the safety features of the park that keep all our pups safe.

The walk is 30-60 minutes with your dog and any other dogs and owners interested in becoming members that week.

This walk will be lead by one of our Dog Socialization Assessment experts where we will meet your dog and see how they interact with the other dogs on the walk. A few notes on this process:

  • Since we don’t know your dog yet, we will ask that they stay leashed until we ask you to let them off.
  • Assessments will be done silently. There will be no public grading. We will send you an email at the end of the walk to let you know if your dog is a suitable candidate for membership.

Once your dog is accepted we will inform you of all of the policies and procedures in place to ensure that only Barkwood members are on the property at all times.

You will get your materials to allow entrance to the park and learn about our reporting system to inform us of any unauthorized users or any dogs behaviours you don’t believe are acceptable so you can help out our staff who patrol the park to ensure we keep it exclusive to Barkwood members and social dogs.

The cost of a membership is $60/month for one dog and $15 for any additional dogs. All dogs must pass screening to be allowed onto the property. Prices are subject to HST. For anyone joining as our Barkwood Beta members this price will be discounted to $40/month for your first 6 months in appreciation of your help and feedback as we get up and running.

Please note, while you’ll want to share this experience with all your dog owning friends, we only allow screened dogs to be on the property. Non-member humans are allowed to walk with a member but non-member dogs must be screened before they can join. We encourage you to tell your friends about our next Open House and we’d be happy to screen their dog for membership.

“I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees”

– Henry David Thoreau

About the Park

Barkwood forest is 100 acres of fenced forest and field land. It has the following dog-friendly features:     

Get back to nature with your dog on 100 acres of gorgeous Canadian greenspace. Former farmland at the turn of the last century, Barkwood’s fencing encloses towering evergreen forests, sunny fields, and gentle rolling hills. The dense trees keep you safe from windchill in the winter, while the open fields let your dog bask in the sun in the summer. Barkwood also boasts a meltwater creek which fills with melted snow and lasts through to August most years. Plenty deep for a refreshing swim.

Marked trails guide you in a loop through shady woods and sun-soaked meadows. Bring your fav hot bevy and breathe in clean, fresh air while your dog romps, explores, and greets other fun-lovin’ buddies. The main trail takes roughly 40 minutes to complete at a brisk pace, or 60 minutes at a leisurely stroll, but connecting trails easily allow you to do half or double that distance without repeating a path.

While there are natural roots and rocks along the way, the terrain is largely flat and relatively easy to walk. Whether your dog loves to zip and zoom at top speed, play and wrestle with friends, or catch up on the sights and smells, Barkwood has it all.

Barkwood Forest has very little long grass which is where ticks like to live. Though all dogs should be treated for ticks, we have found very few ticks in our forest. We chose the terrain of the forest partially for this reason and hope you’ll enjoy a tick-free experience.

Barkwood provides garbages at the parking lot for waste disposal. We ask that you pick up after your dog while walking at Barkwood Forest so we can keep the poop off our paths.

In order to keep your dog safe during loading/unloading from your vehicle, we employ an ‘airlock system’ in our parking lot. This means you will open one gate to get into the parking lot and a second gate to get into the park. This ensures there is never a direct line from the park to the road. Training will be provided on how to use this system during open house walks.

The final benefit of our forest is the community that our members create. You’ll meet other dog owners like yourself who believe in providing a high quality, social experience for their dog. Members who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure their dog’s success in socialization. What better people could there be to enjoy your morning or evening dog walk with?