Our Team

Boogity is made up of the largest employee-based staff of dog walkers in the Ottawa region.  They are each talented, experienced, and extensively trained dog lovers. Each team member manages a specific service area as the primary dog walker in order to develop in-depth relationships with the dogs in their care. Find out more about each member of our pack!

“Animals know that the ultimate point of life is to enjoy it.”

– Samuel Butler

Heidi Johnstone


Heidi created Boogity in March, 2010.

Heidi has loved and owned dogs since early childhood, but her passion for dogs blossomed during her studies in Psychology at the University of Ottawa. She put herself through school by working with dogs, and quickly saw the positive impact of applying her education to her interactions with dogs. Improving the lives of dogs through exercise, socialization and clear, consistent training had lasting benefits for both the dogs and their owners. Heidi was hooked, and absolutely loves working with dogs and clients to achieve a happy and relaxed lifestyle together!

Becky Doucette

General Manager, Boogity and Barkwood / Pack Leader for Barrhaven

Becky joined the Boogity team in 2018 running the Kanata North territory until 2023 when she took over as the manager of Boogity pack walking and Barkwood Forest.

Becky keeps Boogity and Barkwood running smoothly by managing the team, running tours for new dogs at Barkwood Forest and performing and overseeing park maintenance.

As a pack leader, Becky prides herself on finding balance in the pack dynamic and making sure that each dog is engaged and thriving on their outing.

She also truly enjoys working with new dog owners as they experience Barkwood for the first time and learn the joys of off-leash walking.


Currently On Maternity Leave

Lisa joined Boogity in December 2014. Lisa grew up with a love for animals after her family got her first dog at a young age. She knew from then on she would always have animals in her life. Training her dog as a child progressed into wanting to train other animals: Lisa’s been horseback riding for over 14 years, and worked with dogs in professional settings in kennels and pet stores.

In 2013, Lisa shifted her experience and skills from training horses to focus primarily on dog training. She’s discovered a passion for helping owners find peace and balance with their dogs through kind and effective methods.

Meaghan Bennett

(Currently on Leave)

Meaghan joined Boogity in February, 2017 and is the primary dog walker for the Off-Leash Pack Walks in Kanata South.

Meaghan has had a love for animals since a young age, growing up around dogs she has always felt a strong bond with them. She draws on this love, her passion for helping others and her previous experience working in childcare to create a happy and positive impact on every dog’s day working with Boogity.

When Meaghan isn’t walking packs of dogs, she is spending most of her time hiking, kayaking and skiing. Meaghan loves the outdoors just as much as her four legged friends. She believes dogs enjoy exploring just as much as we do and loves to see them have the freedom to do so every day with Boogity.

Jessica Laursen

Pack Leader for Stittsville & Carleton Place

Jessica joined Boogity in March, 2018 and is the primary dog walker for the Off-Leash Pack Walks in Stittsville.

Jessica has always had a love for all animals, but especially dogs. She always knew she not only wanted to train and own a dog of her own one day, but to have a career working with them as well.

In a professional setting, Jessica has worked in kennels and a grooming salon since 2015, and therefore has got to experience the joy of meeting many different breeds of dogs, all with their own personality. She takes the time to really get to know each dog, and treats them as if they were her own.

Rebecca Kaiser

Team Leader and Pack Leader for Stittsville

Hey there! My name is Rebecca and I am the Team Leader for Boogity pack walking and Barkwood Forest while being the primary off-leash dog walker for Barrhaven. I’ve been passionate about working with dogs since I was a kid, and starting walking the neighbourhood dogs when I was 12.

Working with Boogity I am responsible for running pack walks with my Barrhaven packs, running tours /assessments for new dogs joining Barkwood Forest and assisting management in all aspects of operations from vacation coverage for pack walks to trail maintenance at Barkwood Forest.

Prior to moving to Ottawa in May of 2020, I worked for a dog care business in Kingston for 3 years. I pride myself on taking the best care of both human and canine clients. My goal is to make your days easier by making sure your dog has great walks full of exercise and loving companionship.

When I’m not enjoying my days at Barkwood, you can find me at home snuggling with my cat Oliver , browsing around at a local greenhouse, creating art, or tending to my many houseplants back at home.

Katherine McLean

Pack Leader for Kanata North

My name is Katherine, and one thing you must know about me is that I love dogs, A LOT. Ever since kindergarten I’ve wanted to work with animals, especially dogs. As I grew older, I learned that no matter the job, I simply wanted to be in a setting where I could provide them with care, because they deserve it.

To achieve my dream of working with dogs I took a degree in psychology. I also completed a year long dog course, to further my understanding of our canine friends.

I look forward to the many different adventures, and many furry friends, that fill my days through Boogity. I’ve grown up seeing the joy in my own dogs during their daily walks and I hope to able to provide every member of my pack with these same joy filled times, rain or shine!

Leah May

Administrative Coordinator

Hello! My name is Leah and I am the Administrative Coordinator for Boogity and Barkwood Forest. I am so excited to be joining the team and joining this awesome community. My professional background is in Education and Admin roles as well as some experience in Off Leash Pack Walking. I am a true lover of all things dogs and am so pleased to be working with you and your fur babies. I am a pawrent myself but only to my beautiful cat at the moment. I have a passion for all things sports as well, although my main passions are rock climbing and skateboarding. I am a lover of nature and can be found outside, grounding and most likely practicing some yoga. I look forward to speaking with you via email or phone and hope to see you and your dogs out at Barkwood.

Kevin Johnstone

Marketing and Barkwood Forest Manager

Kevin came to Boogity through good, old-fashioned nepotism. As the husband to the owner, Kevin’s been involved in Boogity since the beginning, contributing to the business IT systems, accounting practices and marketing strategies, putting his decade of business and IT knowledge to work whenever it can be of help. Kevin’s passion is working with people and creating services that improve people’s lives.

Kevin started working officially for Boogity in 2016 taking over marketing strategies and new client relationships.

In 2019 Kevin joined Boogity full time to create Barkwood Forest, where members can walk their dog at our private, fenced, 100-acre dog park.

After successfully creating Barkwood and transitioning operations to the Boogity management team in 2023, Kevin is now the ‘backup to the backup’ of many things at Boogity while running a parallel business in IT Staffing.