Sniffed around, but still want more de-‘tails’? Sit. Stay. We have our most frequently asked questions about our dog walking service here. Click on the question bar to reveal the full answer.

NOTE THAT THESE PRETAIN TO THE DOG WALKING SERVICE ONLY. For more details on Barkwood Forest, where you walk your own dog, please click here.

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We absolutely accept dogs with little or no off-leash experience! All dogs are assessed for off-leash readiness and are trained at their own pace based on our process using a step-by-step approach. During the first four Introductory Walks, dogs gradually gain freedom as they demonstrate reliable recall at each stage, beginning with on-leash. The leash stays on until we’re confident they will come when called! We’ve successfully trained over 100 dogs to walk off-leash since Boogity opened in 2010!

Our park for Off-Leash Pack Walks, Barkwood Forest, is a gorgeous, 100 acre fenced private property located in rural Stittsville. Exclusively used by Boogity for walking dogs , there’s shady forested trails and open, sunny fields – dog paradise! Want to walk your dog there? Click Here.

Dogs are typically out of the house for at least 3 hours at a time. The walks are minimum one hour, and pick-ups and drop-offs are typically over an hour each. The vehicles have been designed for the dogs’ safety and comfort, and are essentially mobile dens where the dogs can rest, cuddle with their buddies, and quietly watch the passing scenery. We try to arrange pick-ups and drop-offs so each dog is in the vehicle for approximately the same amount of time (i.e. last-in isn’t first-out). We may shorten the driving time for pooches that are easily carsick of course! Dogs on the Full Day excursion will be out of the house for at least 5 hours.

We have a fleet of well-maintained vans equipped for doggy safety and comfort and used exclusively for the business. Essentially mobile dens, dogs can rest on soft bedding with ample room to stretch out, cuddle with their buddies, or quietly watch the passing scenery out the window. A partition divides the space behind the driver into a middle and rear section, and both sections have several layers of blankets on top of water-proof mats. Dogs are leashed to a sturdy carabiner in each section to ensure all entrances and exits are safe! Our vehicles are cleaned often and linens are refreshed daily.

We walk, run and play whether it’s raining or shining! We constantly monitor the dogs’ comfort-level with the weather and may shorten the walks as appropriate when the weather is unruly.

Walks may be cancelled in the event of extreme conditions, and you will be notified of the cancellation by 8am that day. This happens on average 2-3 days per year and almost always due to extreme cold in the winter.

Owners know their dogs best, and we leave it up to your judgment if the weather forecast looks suitable for your dog. (Some dogs loathe rain, others have low tolerance to heat, etc.) And of course we use our best judgment as well and give you feedback on how your dog does in the different weather conditions!

The walks are a great way for puppies to meet and interact with socialized, well-mannered, fun dogs! The adult dogs serve as excellent role-models and enjoy showing the newbies the ropes. We recommend starting any time after your puppy has had its third set of vaccinations (usually around 16 weeks), and is comfortable walking for at least an hour at a time.

Yes, dogs of any size are welcome!! The dogs on every walk are matched for compatibility, including size. Some pint-sized dogs love to run with the bigger dogs.

We only ask you to provide your dog’s collar with an attached identity tag, and any outerwear, if necessary. We bring leashes, doggy bags, towels, water bottles, treats, pet wipes, as well as brushes and combs.

You can select any dog outings schedule from twice per week to daily. There is a minimum purchase of 4 walks at a time, but all purchases are good for one year. With any of our services, you will not be charged for Statutory Holidays or in the rare event that we need to cancel a walk. Prices can be found on our Services Page

We accept  e-transfer (sent to: primarily but we can also accept cheque or cash upon request.

Payment is due in advance of the first service. Most clients prefer to make payments on a monthly basis, but other payment schedules are available at your convenience. We’ll send you an invoice on the second last service to allow time for you to make payment towards the new invoice.